Product Pricing 

  1. 100% Natural Raw Honey
    Natural Honey 100% Pure 100% Raw 100% Pollen Content Our beehives are natural and chemical free. Our honey is unheated and contains 100% of the pollen content. The honey is packaged in glass jars with food grade metal lids.
    Quart $18.00 Pint $10.00 1/2 Pint $6.00
  2. Lip Balm - All Natural
    All Natural Lip Balm We make our lip balm from the wax provided by our chemical free beehives. The wax is collected and melted down when extracting honey from our beehives. The lip balm is long lasting and acts as good moisturizer for chapped or dry lips. The Peppermint will act ad a medicated lip balm, orange and lemon are more of a citrus type lip balm for one who may just like have soft lips and a good smooth feel with a nice fruity flavor. Container types: 5G/5ML round pot ; 4.25G tube Flavors: Peppermint; Orange; Lemon Ingredients: All Natural beeswax from our chemical free beehives, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, young living essential oils.
    Round pot 5 Grams $5.00 Tube 4.25 Grams $5.00